Pilot Roster

Handle: Tesla1856

Duties: Building & piloting RC-Aircraft

From 2004-2008 I flew glow-fuel RC airplanes at AMA flying-fields here in Texas (USA). For various reasons, in 2009 I had to take a break from the hobby. I kept all my gas-planes (but never owned or flew any helicopters back then). I settled for flying my electric park-flier airplane occasionally. Now, in 2014 ... I have decided to re-entered the RC aircraft hobby full-time again ... giving quad-copters and multi-rotors a try this time.

2014 - Renewed my AMA membership. Bought a good 2.4ghz radio and a couple of entry-level quadcopters. Learned to fly a trainer-quad outside in the wind. Learned ArduCopter and Taranis ... flew APM-Flight-Controller based Quanum Nova quadcopter.

2015 - Made some hardware-mods to my Nova quad. Getting better at manually flying multi-rotors. Successfully completed a 1-mile Autonomous Mission with my Nova (complete with gimbal-ed video).

2016 - Completed FAA registration for sUAS (Small Un-manned Aircraft System) pilots. Still learning and flying. Attempting first custom build ... a hexacopter. Trying some casual FPV flying.

About my choice of Handle/UserName ... Since I was a boy, I have always admired Nikola Tesla and his contributions to electronics and society in general. Among other things, he basically invented Radio Remote Control.